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Conversations with God VOL 2

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This book completely reshaped my beliefs about religion. This book is essential reading for anyone who is religious. (Francis Rossi, Metro, Status Quo) Neale Walsch lives in southern Oregon with his wife Nancy. ReCreation is a non-profit foundation that promotes spiritual understanding and personal growth. Its goal is to bring people back to their true selves. Walsch gives lectures throughout the country and holds workshops to spread the messages in Conversations With God.
Neale Donald Walsch was going through a difficult time in his life and decided to write to God. He was surprised to receive a reply and Conversations with God Book 1 was born. The dialogue continues in Book 2. It now covers the more global issues of geopolitical life and metaphysical life on this planet and the current challenges facing it. This amazing series will change your life and how you see the world.

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Neale Donald Walsch shares the second part of his bestselling trilogy. He shares the answers that he discovered while sitting down to ask God some tough questions. Conversations with God Book 2 offers a balanced mix of spiritual issues and global concerns. Neale Donald Walsch felt the need to write God a letter during a very difficult time in his life. He realized that he wasn’t just writing down his questions but also God’s answers. This realization came as a result of his first dialogue with God. He created the amazing spiritual handbook, and the first part of his trilogy, Conversations with God. The first part dealt mainly with spiritual issues that relate to the pursuit of truth, love and prosperity. Conversations with God Book 2 raises serious questions about the social and economic evolution that humanity is trying to achieve. These answers are encouraging.

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  1. Deepu P

    great creation but most of it is about geopolitical.

    Deepu P

  2. aniruddha sen

    after reading the book one i had immediately ordered book two. this book also doesnot fail to intrgue the reader. it deals about matters of the world as a whole and the present pathetic state it is. it gives some sound logic about our present condition and also shows a few ways to mend it as still there is time to undo the bad we have done till now. it points a finger directly at our face and tells us about our attitude and selfishness in not attempting to correct ourselves so that our future…

    aniruddha sen

  3. Arti

    reading this book is altogether a different answers the complex questions of life in simple and easy to grasp language.great work


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