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Patrick Olivelle holds the chair of the Department of Asian Studies. He is also the professor of Sanskrit, Indian Religions, and is the Chair of the Department of Asian Studies. His research has included the Upanisads and Dharmasastras ascetical traditions in India.
This book is the first to be devoted to the study and interpretation of Dharma within the vast scope of Indian religious and cultural history. The majority of generalizations about Indian religion and culture are inaccurate when examined closely. Dharma is a notable exception. The term Dharma and the concepts that underlie it are clearly the central feature of Indian civilization throughout the centuries. This collection contains 19 papers that deal with historical manifestations of Dharma. These papers, which are authored by leading scholars in their respective fields, will present a more nuanced view of Dharma’s semantic history. They will also help to put contours on the flat landscape that we inherit and encourage further research of this central concept for understanding the cultural history Indian subcontinent.

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