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Charlotte Bronte (1816-1855), sister to Anne Bronte, and Emily Bronte. Jane Eyre was first published in 1847. Shirley (1848), and Vilette (1853) followed. Arthur Bell Nicholls, Charlotte Bronte’s father’s curate was married to her in 1854. She died in her pregnancy at Haworth, Yorkshire on March 31, 1855.
Jane Eyre is one the most beloved English Classics! Mystery, hardship–and love. Jane is a woman who has never had to work, but she wants everything that life has to offer. When she is offered a job as a governess at a mysterious mansion, she realizes that she has found her match in the darkly intriguing Mr Rochester. Thornfield Hall holds a dark secret that could cause Jane and Rochester to be apart for ever. Is it possible for her to choose between the right and her only chance at happiness?

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  1. Erina Das

    A novel you would be proud to buy.. a beautiful love story and one of the top ranked classic romantic literature..Really nice and flawless. It’s an unabridged one…. so go for it guyz.. u wont regret buying this one ever.. worth each penny spent.

    Erina Das

  2. Jasleen Kaur

    Though been a century old book its still a charmer and an all time classic. Jane is a portrayal of young, strong and a beautiful lady. She holds the qualities of an absolute woman. Its a story of an orphan girl who stands tall against all odds and fights her way through…

    Jasleen Kaur

  3. Dimple P

    The story is quite simple and sweet. This book is worth a one time read especially on a rainy day, snuggle up in a corner of your balconey and read…. :). However i am a bit dissapointed with the ending of the book. Mr. Rochester’s condition in the end was not something that went well with me…The narration is quite lengthy. Could have conveyed the same story without killing the feel in a fewer words. But yet again…since the book belongs to old times this can be excused..

    Dimple P

  4. Swarnali Das

    “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an independent will.”- This line completely summarises the protagonist of the book.The story begins with the protagonist Jane, a 5 year old, an orphan living with her deceased uncle’s family. The narrative deals with Jane’s journey to find an identity,love and her deserved place in the world. What is remarkable about the book is the detailed understanding of the characters,especially the protagonist. Nowhere does it get sket…

    Swarnali Das

  5. Rakesh Sharma

    Jane Eyre was first published in the year 1847 when the world was so different but still feels fresh and is one of the greatest books to have ever been written. It took a writer of the caliber of Charlotte Bronte to seek a rightful place with love and respect for her protagonist Jane Eyre. This is a book that must be experienced by everyone and though many movies have been made they can not be compared to the joy of reading this great book. It advocated women to be treated equally as men and …

    Rakesh Sharma

  6. shubhangi jain

    its a really really good book…u know when i was ordering this i thought that god its a classic fiction….boring…but actually once you read half the book you realize its not just a book but a canvas of feelings……it is written beautifully and the feelings are easy to understand…..give it a try…you will like it

    shubhangi jain

  7. Diksha Mahajan

    Jane Eyre is a great work of literature. Undoubtedly, Jane Eyre is the Victorian literature’s strongest female character because of her indomitable spirit, intelligence, wit, strong will and her quality of calling a spade, a spade. There isn’t much going on in the plot as compared to what is going on inside Jane throughout, and that is where the beauty of the novel lies.Jane Eyre is very plain looking and she is very much aware of this fact. But she has a fiery spirit and a charming way of …

    Diksha Mahajan

  8. Leela choudhary

    This book was written in 1847.More than a century ago and it is considered as one of the finest works of english literature.I’m not much into classics so i thought i should give this a try. This issue includes an introduction by Joyce Carol Oates.well that’s nothing but a kind of review of his own.He speaks about Bronte’s work and Jane Eyre as an indomitable will.I skipped this introduction at first but eventually read that too.I would like to state that the language is highly sophistica…

    Leela choudhary

  9. Ayan Mitra

    A good buy, worth is what I can say. Also in case you are looking for a larger print then this might not be the one you would like to go for. As its a paperback, one has to be a little careful in handling this book.

    Ayan Mitra

  10. Tushar Dabhole


    Tushar Dabhole

  11. Arjita.Ghosh

    Jane Eyre is the most beautiful and the most poetic book written during that centuary , it teaches us so many lessons that are important in life . This book is really worth reading for every book lover .


  12. Bookhebook Customer

    Love the book ….

    Bookhebook Customer

  13. rajeshwari deshpande

    Lovely penguin edition. The print and font perfect for reading. The book is a classic, so definitely a collector’s edition. Charlotte Bronte’s best work. A Gothic romance. Bookhebook service as usual impeccable. Thank you!

    rajeshwari deshpande

  14. Bookhebook Customer

    The book is awesome and if you are a literature kind of person then I am sure you will love it.

    Bookhebook Customer

  15. Dr Sojan Poulose

    Must read.

    Dr Sojan Poulose




  17. Bookhebook Customer

    its just awsome… very good I SUGGEST EVERYONE TO READ IT

    Bookhebook Customer

  18. Bookhebook Customer

    excellent book. the story of Jane eyre is amazingly written. lovely book. and also I got it before 1 day.. so extremely fast delivery…. I’m happy with Bookhebook service

    Bookhebook Customer


    Best seller as usual


  20. Frestin Joy

    Superb product!!!

    Frestin Joy

  21. Nabanita Das


    Nabanita Das

  22. Shreya Sharma

    Ohh.. I just love this book. My quarantine days went quiet less boring because of this. If searching for something interesting thing to read, it’s a must buy for you. Go for it!!! ❤

    Shreya Sharma

  23. Swati Suresh

    Book is awesome!!! Must buy! Bookhebook never fails to impress!! Good packaging and delivery!! Loved it!!♡♡♡ Quality of the product is really very good! font is clear and very much easy to read! On the whole, it is a worth buy!!!

    Swati Suresh

  24. Bookhebook Customer

    This is a great book plus i bought it for just Rs 99 and with a such beautiful cover and illustrations inside. Amazing!! Thanku Bookhebook for such prompt delivery

    Bookhebook Customer

  25. Sindhu Gupta

    absolutely worth your valuable tym

    Sindhu Gupta

  26. Gayathri R

    Bookhebook is just the best 😍. I got books of excellent quality at a much lower price than all other websites. Thank you Bookhebook ❤️.

    Gayathri R

  27. Bookhebook Customer

    As we all know that Jane Eyre was such an fantabulous novel. The product from Bookhebook is asusual nice . We are so happy to have a nice book from you . Thank you very much Flipkart.

    Bookhebook Customer

  28. Bookhebook Customer

    Every feminist should read it so relevant and totally relatable

    Bookhebook Customer

  29. Ataul Shaikh

    Believe me friends. It is much better than Penguin Publication. I Love it…

    Ataul Shaikh

  30. Shoban Singha

    I am extremely satisfied and the delivery boy was so well mannered…. Thankyou so much Bookhebook

    Shoban Singha

  31. Arnab Ranjan

    Jane EyreBy Charlotte BrontëFingerPrint Publication502 pagesThe book cane in absolute good condition. Smooth delivery. No doubt the story is a renowned goth-classic and whatever the Brontë sisters write, are just gold.The page quality us good.No bookmarks. I wonder did fkart stop giving bookmarks?

    Arnab Ranjan

  32. Shlok DUBEY

    Good novel to read 😍

    Shlok DUBEY

  33. Bookhebook Customer

    One of my favorite book..i am just in love with it and wished it never ended..

    Bookhebook Customer

  34. Bookhebook Customer

    Highly recommend this book… Really awesome ????

    Bookhebook Customer

  35. Merlin keerthika Stephen

    The package was not good at all. It seems like some old book with iron stain in it. But then also I couldn’t able to exchange it, ther is no exchange option. I have ordered this for my seminar purpose but, I was fed up with this book. Overall the page qualities are Good.

    Merlin keerthika Stephen

  36. Punam Pandey

    Veri impressive front with Good page quality.

    Punam Pandey

  37. Bookhebook Customer

    Finally I could get this gem….Jane Eyre is my most favorite book which I have completely read for a few times…A Gothic novel about the life of the main protagonist- the meek outspoken yet strong Jane Eyre. An inspiring story of how she overcomes the trials of her childhood and how she found love which she had never imagined…It’s not purely romance,… There is some mystery which is waiting to be resolved in her new residence…. Will it affect her new life ?? Read and find out…T…

    Bookhebook Customer

  38. Abrita Mandal

    Very nice book.. 🥰

    Abrita Mandal

  39. Jebita Narzary

    I loved it

    Jebita Narzary

  40. Bookhebook Customer

    Best no

    Bookhebook Customer

  41. Bookhebook Customer

    A very good book

    Bookhebook Customer

  42. Bookhebook Customer

    the book is absolutely great and worth reading, loved it

    Bookhebook Customer

  43. Daljeet Kour

    Delivery is so fast. Paper quality and print is quite good. Received this book in three days. Thankyou flipkart.

    Daljeet Kour

  44. Samita Pradhan

    Nice book 😇

    Samita Pradhan

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