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Brian L. Weiss MD is a Columbia University graduate and Yale Medical School alumnus. He is the Chairman Emeritus for Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami. Dr. Weiss is also the author of several books, including Through Time into Healing, Many Lives, Many Masters, and Many Lives, Many Masters. He also conducts seminars, workshops and training programs for professionals. He has a private practice in Miami.
HAS YOUR LIFE BEEN STRESSED? Can you find your soulmate again? This is what Brian Weiss’s bestseller Many Lives, Many Masters reveals. Dr. Weiss now takes his research to a new level by putting the young patient in hypnotic trance. He was able to summon memories from many past lives, transmit transcendental messages and even turn Dr. Weiss’s life upside down. He depicts Elizabeth and Pedro, two strangers who don’t know they were lovers for so many centuries. Until fate brings them back together. He shows us how every person has a soulmate, someone we love in the past and who is waiting to reunite with you now. He opens up new worlds for everyone, because he is based on one powerful truth. . .

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Only Love is Real tells the story of two strangers who visit the author in order to receive past-life regression therapy. Dr. Weiss discovers that the two men were once lovers in their past lives. Only Love Is Real is a book that focuses on past-life experiences. A well-known psychiatrist begins treating two patients who are completely strangers. Elizabeth is having relationship difficulties and begins to share stories about her past lives. Dr. Weiss offers guidance to help Elizabeth connect with spiritually advanced souls who can help her understand her purpose in life. Pedro, another patient, is also suffering from emotional problems and has sought past-life regression therapy. Only Love is Real USA Today is a bestseller. This captivating book leads readers on a journey of love and reincarnations, soulmates and other extraordinary surprises.

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  1. Meru Badyal

    Read this one just after reading ‘Many Masters Many Lives’ by the same author. This one is much more poetic and off course full of love.I’m sure no one can deny the existence of soul mates. There are some people/souls with whom we share an instantaneous reputation and bonding. And there are some others with whom we might get to spend 20 years, but there is no spiritual bonding. So, yes I’m sure there is presence of past life dynamics of some kind. And yes I’m sure I/my soul have been here…

    Meru Badyal

  2. Elizabeth Josephine

    How many times haven’t we heard this statement,”Love is Timeless”. Well,’Only Love Is Real’ by Brian Weiss gives a literal meaning to it. It not only makes us accept the concept of reincarnation, but also makes us think of the all the lives that we might have spent here on Earth! Just as I finished reading the book, I wasn’t left with the usual sense of completion. Instead, I found myself thinking,”Did I have such soul-mates too? Have I met them in this life? Could my own parents have been …

    Elizabeth Josephine

  3. Divya Nawale

    Yea, we have all heard that cliche oh-so-often that now our ears bleed to the sound of it – “This book changed my life”… well, I thought the same about a lot of books for a long time, until i read this one… This book changed everything! I always thought that Life is meant to be a certain way… now I know why it is what it is… if there is really a meaning to life… if love is truly real and if so, then why it means everything.I dont know if I believe in past life regression, I dont k…

    Divya Nawale

  4. Shwetasri Mohanta

    This is one of those books which enter your life and change it in such a way that the change cannot be reversed. This book made me a stronger person emotionally and gave me the courage to believe that love is real and ONLY love is real.Every person needs to read this book. Its beautiful.

    Shwetasri Mohanta

  5. Ritika

    just as real love is. I truly believe in real love and it’spowers. Ending is lovely. Thank god :0 The book gives account of merged past lives of 2 individuals


  6. Pradeeta Mishra

    There are certain genres which people usually don’t find themselves attracted to and at the risk of stereotyping, I would say – religion or spiritualism is one such genre. You either need to have a keen interest or a hunger to hold on to the knowledge and wisdom delivered until the end. The book starts off at a pretty slow pace to make the reader familiar with terms and issues to be dealt with in Past Life Regression Therapy. Dr. Weiss introduces little verses at the beginning of all the chap…

    Pradeeta Mishra

  7. Neha Madan

    I’ve read Dr. Brian Weiss’s other books and decided to gift this to my husband who is also a believer in the cosmic powers around us. He thoroughly enjoyed it. Its a well written book, talks a little too much about Dr. Brian Weiss himself but apart from that, the stories he’s shared here truely tell you how love travels across births, be it a mother’s love or a husband and wife love.

    Neha Madan

  8. Saicharan Bait

    OK, this is my first read ever and this book has got me hooked to reading. This book is a must read for people looking out for spiritual awareness and stability. The book mentions real life incidences and their relation to spirituality, it takes you on that next level of calmness and fearlessness about life and death. I have ordered the other books by Dr. Brian Weiss as well. Must read, for today the world needs positive energy in it, which this book does offer. I am really happy with the boo…

    Saicharan Bait

  9. Bookhebook Customer

    it’s a book which changes your thinking about life, love and peaple. It makes us believe that everything has a reason behind it . Although you face many challenges,ups and downs in your life never loose hope.Cause maybe hope is just around the corner waiting for you to take a turn🙂

    Bookhebook Customer

  10. Bookhebook Customer

    What a beautiful book one can actually read ! This book really helped me in understanding aspects of life and soul. One should surely read this one! 100% suggested. So so happy to have this in my collection.

    Bookhebook Customer

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