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In a land that still has Kings, I am a Princess. For the reasons I’m about to reveal, you must only know me as Sultana. What do you see when you think of a Saudi Arabian Princess? Imagine a woman gilded with jewels and living in extraordinary luxury. She is surrounded by gold, jewels, servants, and designer clothes. In reality, she lives in a gilded prison. She is a bearer of her sons and has no rights, no vote or control over her life. She is hidden behind the veil and is a prisoner. Her jailers are her father, her husband, and her sons. “Sultana” is closely related to the King and a member the Saudi royal family. She decided it was time for a woman of her rank to talk about the realities of life in her country for her daughters. She describes her life from her chaotic childhood to her happy arranged marriage. Her husband then decided to marry a second woman. She also tells about the lives of her sisters and her friends. Contrary to the warmth and camaraderie between the women, she describes a history of oppression against them. Everyday occurrences that would in any other culture be considered shocking human rights violations. The Princess is a testament to the strength and courage of a woman. “Sultana” risked her head and the heads of her children by speaking out. She told her story anonymously because she was afraid of being retaliated against by the Saudi establishment.

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  1. sumithaa sivakumaran

    its revealing the dangers that a woman face in saudi………from an poor woman to the princess

    sumithaa sivakumaran

  2. Febitha Manju

    This is the second book i read by Jean Sasson. Amazingly well told and well written one. Its gonna b a feast for those who would love to explore what happens around you ,and mostly if you are atleast a bit aware of Islamic laws and how people live in countries like saudi arabia.

    Febitha Manju

  3. Bani Banerjee

    It is worth reading. Fast paced and interesting. The story is about the lives of the girls caged in golden palaces. An amazing piece by Jean Sasson!

    Bani Banerjee

  4. Patti Smith

    “Princess” is the shocking autobiography of Princess Sultana, a Saudi royal, written by internationally acclaimed best-selling author Jean Sasson. The book is absolutely the very best book I have ever read because it is gripping, highly detailed and so incredibly moving. There are so many interesting stories that Sultana shared in the book that I will never forget. Because I felt like Princess Sultana was actually speaking to me as I read “Princess”; her thoughts and words were so vivid and…

    Patti Smith

  5. Pushpavi Yadav Customer

    Packing of this product is very good …. And the book is good for reader’s ….

    Pushpavi Yadav Customer

  6. asra rahim

    Really good book, it discloses the real saudi royal faces

    asra rahim

  7. Bookhebook Customer

    flawless writing that is bound to move one from within… being a girl myself… after reading this i really feel blessed to be born in a family where people acknowledge me… it indeed touched me deeply….

    Bookhebook Customer


    Must read


  9. Bookhebook Customer

    Must read ! Accurate , and quite an eye opener .

    Bookhebook Customer

  10. Bookhebook Customer

    Book wrapped in good condition and delivered well in time by flipkart.Hidden stories of Saudi royals and their activities described here.

    Bookhebook Customer

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