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Clearly define the problem you experiencing with the product or service.
Certainly! Please keep the following information in mind want to alter the delivery address for my order. Is it currently possible The ability to change the delivery address for your order is based on its status. Here are the details based on the order status If your order is in this status, you can change the delivery address using your Shipped: At this stage, only minor text changes in the address are possible. The pin code cannot be modified.Delivered: not possible to change the address at this stage since the item has already been delivered.
To update the delivery contact number or add an alternate one, follow Go to Orders Select the desired Scroll down to the shipping details tab and click on the option next to the phone number
I want to change the address for delivery of my order. Is it delivery address for your order can be changed depending on its status. Please check Orders > If this is your order status,then you can change the address through your Only text change in your address will be possible. Pincode cannot be changed at this stage. As the item would have already been delivered,the address change will not be possible.
Clearly define the problem you're experiencing with the product or service.
If the issue isn't resolved in a timely manner, follow up with support to ensure that progress is being made and to provide any additional information or clarification that may be needed.

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