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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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Roald Dahl was an ace fighter pilot, spy, medical inventor, and chocolate historian. He was also the author and illustrator of Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The BFG, and many other brilliant stories. He was awarded the Kate Greenaway Medal in 1980. He was the first Children’s Laureate in 1999. In 2013, he was knighted to honor his services to illustration.

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a story about a huge chocolate factory that Willy Wonka built. It also tells the story of Charlie, a young boy who visits the factory.
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory focuses on Charlie Bucket (a young boy who lives in poverty with his family). Although his parents are hardworking, they are almost always poor. They live with two sets of grandparents, who are almost always sick and confined to their beds.
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory reveals many mysteries about the factory. One mystery is that the factory was not productive for a while. Then WIlly Wonka appeared with a secret sweet recipe and took it to new heights. The factory is never seen by employees.Charlie and The Chocolate FactoryCharlie and The Chocolate FactoryGeorge’s Marvellous Medicine, The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar, and Six More.

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  1. Anvaya Deshpande

    it’s a very,very,very good book and it is the best book that i have ever read.the name of the chocolates sound very nice and i wish i could also get a chance to go in Mr willy wonk’s factory and i am sure that after reading the book anyone would love to go in the factory.i love charlie and the chocolate factory!!!!

    Anvaya Deshpande

  2. Asima Rath

    I bought this book for my 6 year old.Ofcourse I did the reading for her but both of us found if so enticing that we finished it in 5 days straight!! thats speed reading for both of us considering we have a half hour bed-time story reading time every night. amazingly simple yet amazingly appealing. gets one hooked….and age no bar!!

    Asima Rath

  3. Akshay Khullar

    This is the BEST work of Roald Dahl…THis story man will bloew your head , the story is so good .It is one of the book , you cant put the book down for a second…This is damn good book… MUST BUY AND MUST READ

    Akshay Khullar

  4. Saswata Saha

    The delivery was good.It came before the expected date,two days after I placed the order.It came in a very good condition,better than what you would get in a shop,really.The story’s good especially for boys & girls of age 10-11-12.It has a good amount of suspense in it,but doesn’t bore.It might seem at first that the story has a sad ending.But it’s the opposite and good to read.

    Saswata Saha

  5. Keyur Shah

    The books starts with a chapter…”Here Comes Charlie”…The story of poor Charlie whose passion for Chocolates leads him to the most memorable adventure of his life….his encounter with world’s greatest living chocolate maker, i.e. Mr. Willy WonkaYears had been years since anyone has seen Mr. Willy Wonka or opened gate of his factory, but his chocolate factory is still operational even without any hired manpower, making the most notorious & delicious chocolates in the world ….and al…

    Keyur Shah

  6. Soumya Prasad

    I chose this story for my 4 year old- it has a central character and of course chocolate. And I must say, I am absolutely enjoying reading it to her. She is loving it too. She could even start with reading it herself in an year’s time- since the print is just about suitable even for a every young reader too!Recommend it for 4 years upwards!

    Soumya Prasad

  7. Stuti Jha

    I’m satisfied with this even I ordered this book at. First and I got a bookmark which was so much adorable and cute so I prefer that u guys order this book which Is awesome and the cute bookmark attracts you to read books luv u……

    Stuti Jha

  8. Adarsh Rao

    Nice book for any 12 year old who just started liking towards reading. Would suggest to have this book for every young reader.. Also a movie is made on this must watch.. ..Great book !!!

    Adarsh Rao

  9. nilay sehgal

    I got it in a perfectly packed bag & the book is very good for improving vocabulary but it looked like it is used & is folded at some points & it doesn’t have that 50 printed on it

    nilay sehgal

  10. Rajesh Jain

    Yashvi jain Mindtree school Charlie and the chocolate factory is a fantastic novel by RoaldDahl and is beautifuly illustrated by Quentin Blake. The main charecter of this novel is Charlie who is a small poor boy with a family of six members. In the novel he lives near the biggest chocolate factory of the world in a very small cottage. He loved chocolate but starved for it as he got only one chocolate a year .One day Mr Willy Wonka the owner of the chocla…

    Rajesh Jain

  11. Naishy Sajeev

    very happy with the product

    Naishy Sajeev

  12. Bookhebook Customer

    Very nice book.

    Bookhebook Customer

  13. Askki

    interesting book, good price.. Bookhebook is excellent


  14. Harshit Srivastava

    It is a nice book I recommend it for your readers..It also has a great sequel too

    Harshit Srivastava


    Nice book


  16. Bookhebook Customer

    A good book

    Bookhebook Customer

  17. Bookhebook Customer

    Best book…..

    Bookhebook Customer

  18. Shivpriya Badola Dhyani

    A book full of suspense and mystery . must buy book for 8 to 9 yr kid..

    Shivpriya Badola Dhyani

  19. Bookhebook Customer

    It is a really really nice book for kids and also really interesting book I just love this book.

    Bookhebook Customer

  20. Bookhebook Customer

    thanks for delivering fast and it is a nice book it’s quality is nice thank u

    Bookhebook Customer

  21. Bhoomika Satpathy

    Although it’s a known book for children but still I enjoy reading it whenever I get hold of the book, and with the offers that Bookhebook provided+the kind of fastest delivery that it does, I couldn’t resist myself from buying it… So all the people out there, and especially parents of young children, just go for this book if you want your child to be engaged in reading books.

    Bhoomika Satpathy

  22. Sajal Das

    the best kid’s book ever, i grew up with it…the storyline is just amazing and there are countless morals in the story. came in good shape as usual, thank u for the book mark😀

    Sajal Das

  23. Yoganand Chowdary

    Really interesting book I definitely recommend reading this book.

    Yoganand Chowdary

  24. Bookhebook Customer

    This is a very good and interesting book for children and adults both….I suggest you to buy this book absolutely 😊

    Bookhebook Customer

  25. Pallab Khan

    This is the best book I have ever read…after reading this book you can’t stay away from reading the next part i.e. Charlie and the Great glass elevator….love this book….I am 15 years old and now also I am very muching enjoying this book….no matter what’s your age, you will definitely enjoy it…

    Pallab Khan

  26. Dipak Chaudhari

    The book is very good.😊😊

    Dipak Chaudhari

  27. Swastika Mahato

    Amazing book for kids and adults also this is very fun and interesting book . I am very satisfied with this product .You can buy for your child

    Swastika Mahato

  28. shabnam khan

    Very nice for children’s I am 13 and I like this book so this book is full of excitment

    shabnam khan

  29. Debmalya Bandyopadhyay

    One of the best Roald Dahl books ever!There are some parts in the book which is not shown in the movie.You can go for this product.

    Debmalya Bandyopadhyay

  30. Bookhebook Customer

    My 11 year old loved it.. Good way to develop reading habit in kids.

    Bookhebook Customer

  31. Bookhebook Customer

    It’s nice to read

    Bookhebook Customer

  32. Anushruti Bharatiya

    Charlie and the chocolate factory is amazing and interesting book. Must buy 🙂

    Anushruti Bharatiya

  33. Amrit pal Singh

    This is my first book and i am a beginner , At the beginning i got this very interesting and wonderfull book and Now after reading it i really love reading books … I will also purchase more books of Roald Dahl . Thank you Flipkart!🌸

    Amrit pal Singh

  34. Bookhebook Customer

    Mind blowing book superb interesting

    Bookhebook Customer

  35. Bookhebook Customer

    Loved this story. Suitable for kids and adults too. Quick read if you’re an adult like me. It has a good message. Print is also good.

    Bookhebook Customer

  36. Rani Singh

    Very good book for children

    Rani Singh

  37. Soma Dutta

    Good but a bit old version …. But otherwise awesome.

    Soma Dutta

  38. Shrutika kawale

    It is a very nice book and really I can read the book 📚☺️

    Shrutika kawale

  39. Lincy Raju

    I love itShort story

    Lincy Raju

  40. Shreya Karmakar

    This book is amazing for kids.. but page quality is not too good according to the price

    Shreya Karmakar

  41. Nidhi Ramakrishnan

    Very good book for kids

    Nidhi Ramakrishnan

  42. Bookhebook Customer

    Nice book

    Bookhebook Customer

  43. Smritilekha Das

    Bookhebook has done good service and the book is very good must buy.👌

    Smritilekha Das

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