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He started out wanting to become a space engineer, and ended up creating content that has been viewed and enjoyed by millions. His thoughts include the importance of building habits that will lead to long-term success, the foundations for money management, and the truth about empathy. This book is one that you should read again and again. It’s a book that you will reread and reread. You will be able to highlight and think back on the lines. This book will also make a great gift for your loved ones, friends, and strangers. Ankur hopes that this book will be the best ever!

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4.3 overall

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  1. Bookhebook Customer


    Bookhebook Customer

  2. Banshul Pahwa

    Months after reading it, whenever you see this book you will surely wanna play the book cricket with it. Spending your time reading it totally worth.! Parents really gift something like this to their children.

    Banshul Pahwa

  3. Mohammed Imtiyaz Ali


    Mohammed Imtiyaz Ali

  4. Sunilkumar Majhi

    Worth a read. The book is inspiring.

    Sunilkumar Majhi

  5. Bookhebook Customer

    Bulid quality is awesome l like this ❤️

    Bookhebook Customer

  6. Piyush Bagani

    One of the best purchases of my Life.

    Piyush Bagani

  7. Rohit Hegde

    Superb highly recommend..

    Rohit Hegde

  8. Ashish Mahamuni

    Good Book!

    Ashish Mahamuni

  9. Gaurav Chouhan

    Love it🥰❤️ this book because every page give a new lesson

    Gaurav Chouhan

  10. Bhupendra

    Book deserves 5 star but i have to give 4 because of late delivery and i ordered 1 book with this only but it isn’t delivered yet. Must read book


  11. Shreya

    Must read book.


  12. Krushna Satpute


    Krushna Satpute

  13. Sam Customer

    Start from any page and you can read from there. Good one. Highly recommended. Every paragraph kept me thinking for 5-10 min about the content. This is not a book to read in one go. It’s read according to the time when you really need that self help.

    Sam Customer

  14. Shrikrishna Bidkar

    Must read

    Shrikrishna Bidkar

  15. Bookhebook Customer

    Average book

    Bookhebook Customer

  16. Adhyay Patel

    Very good

    Adhyay Patel

  17. umesh kumar

    It is more of a coffee table book, you can read any page and it will make sense. The book is rightly put by author Mr. Ankur Warikoo.

    umesh kumar

  18. Bookhebook Customer

    Just amazing 🙂 it’s not just a book this book will help you as a mentor of ur life❤️Must read❤️

    Bookhebook Customer

  19. Kiran Billa

    Not a bad read. Good to buy if got on discountIt’s a paperback for those who are wondering

    Kiran Billa

  20. Rohit Dhandhi

    Awesome book by warikaoo.. superb . You will get many tricks to solve your can learn how to handle failure. you can learn basics of handling a company.You can learn how to treat your kids, how to love them. Fabulous book . I really recommend this book.

    Rohit Dhandhi

  21. Shaan Ejaz

    Excellent for everyone

    Shaan Ejaz

  22. Mr. X

    The paper quality is very poor as compared to the price.The rating is based only on the quality of the book and not the content.

    Mr. X

  23. Abhishek G

    Satisfied 🤗

    Abhishek G

  24. Anand Jayakar

    IT guys, you will love this book. Thank you God ,old days of book reading is back. Simple writing, huge impact. It is not fiction but reality in the life of every profesional tech guy. Hope to read such books in future. ..

    Anand Jayakar

  25. Sourav Das

    Great book

    Sourav Das

  26. Shri Govindam Glass and Art

    Everyone should read this book.This book is very inspiring trust me😊

    Shri Govindam Glass and Art

  27. Bookhebook Customer

    expected a lot .. from the book ..but it’s not up to my expectation.

    Bookhebook Customer

  28. Arijit Sarkar

    Nothing special in this book.

    Arijit Sarkar

  29. Bookhebook Customer

    A must have for students in the age group of 18-25 and also for those who are struggling with understanding life, success, money and relationship. Simple but powerful thoughts converted into words which make you think and realise how true & important it is. It’s like bible for life, atleast for me 🙂 Thank god I ordered this masterpiece… Thank you Ankur Warikoo! Much love and peace !!

    Bookhebook Customer

  30. Harsh Kr. Agrawal

    Quality of paper & printing quality is not good. But content in book is just amazing.

    Harsh Kr. Agrawal

  31. Bookhebook Customer

    Not the worth of money , quality is too poor, but the content in the🌟

    Bookhebook Customer


    I received paperback not Hardcover , I put this rating only book quality not Ankur Sir Content , also recommend this book but not this publication Juggernaut, paper and print quality very poor


  33. Annu Shree

    It is a great book for the people who give up easily and tells them never to let the hope die within. Everything is possible if you believe. So it is “a must must read”.

    Annu Shree

  34. Siraj Nag


    Siraj Nag

  35. Jaykumar Jivani

    Go for it!

    Jaykumar Jivani


    This is a masterpiece and a must have for every youth in this country.Ankur Warikoo literally made me glued to this right from the word go!It touches different walks of life and the experiences shared by the author is unbelievable!A book i recommend to my fellow indians to feel and live with 🙂


  37. Bookhebook Customer

    Very poor page quality.. …. ….It’s Paperback not hardcover..

    Bookhebook Customer

  38. Junaid Ahmad

    I think this book will be my best book.

    Junaid Ahmad

  39. Sagar Nyaupane

    That’s it!!

    Sagar Nyaupane

  40. Bookhebook Customer

    Big fan of ankur really recommend this book it’s easy and it’s full of facts what we face in our life ankur is fabulous .

    Bookhebook Customer

  41. Bookhebook Customer

    Just go for it ✨

    Bookhebook Customer

  42. Bookhebook Customer

    Awesome book

    Bookhebook Customer

  43. Bookhebook Customer

    Great book.

    Bookhebook Customer

  44. ankit goyal

    Very good book. Must read

    ankit goyal

  45. Pradyumna Kumar Dikhit

    Must read book 👍

    Pradyumna Kumar Dikhit

  46. Veda Vedavenkatesh

    Beautiful book

    Veda Vedavenkatesh

  47. Rajan Yadav

    The quality of the book is awesome just like the content of the book🤞.

    Rajan Yadav

  48. Khushi

    The book has an amazing content but it’s not something new. This book has summed up things which are good as well as bad.


  49. Shantanu Sharma

    Content is awesome recommend for everyoneBut quality of paper is not good go for hard cover not fir paper backAnkur sir did awesome work

    Shantanu Sharma

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