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Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse (Book 3)

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Rick Riordan is a mystery and fantasy writer for young readers as well as adults. He was born in the USA in 1964 and went on to attend University of Texas. He taught high school English for almost a decade before he began his writing career. His books include The Sea of Monsters, The Mark of Athena, The Serpent’s Shadow, and the Maze of Bones. His books include The Sea of Monsters (with The Mark of Athena), The Mark of Athena’s Shadow, The Serpent’s Shadow and The Maze of Bones.

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  1. Rahul Abhyankar

    Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse is anytime better than Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief and Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. The real fun of the series begins from here. Really nice book.

    Rahul Abhyankar

  2. LR

    Awesome book by RR. Was better than the first two, extremely gripping, edge of the seat action, unputdowable. Waiting to read book 4. Great thing we bought the boxed set with all 5 books. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  3. Sahil Bambarde

    It is a good book and the quality Bookhebook has give is very good.Flipkart has also given me some discount, which was best buy book from Bookhebook only !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sahil Bambarde

  4. Jayneel Pandya

    In my opinion it is the best Percy Jackson book. The story and the concept is clear and very interesting, while the sayings are a little weak. But in all a great book to read.

    Jayneel Pandya

  5. Balaji Vishwanath

    Good mix of ancient Greek mythology and the present day scenario by Rick Riordan.cant wait for the the entire series, 50% off… seriously very good deal on Bookhebook

    Balaji Vishwanath

  6. chandan jy. baishya

    frankly i had just about started to wolf down the rick rioran series. it looks promising and better to read the series than one single book. i just now ordered the whole heroes series too…. thanks to flipkart…

    chandan jy. baishya

  7. Kitti Skye

    the book is full is everything a person looks for in a novel. Its full of funny quirks and adventures and emotion and action and fantasy and i love their humor and friendship and love and family and well everything

    Kitti Skye

  8. Ruhul Quddus Khan

    I surely liked the book specially how quickly it was delivered. I would recommend this book for all specially for children as this is a book full of suspense in every chapter and also it is full of fantasy and adventures. I really liked the book and it is addicting if i start reading it. It will make you up all night just to find out what will happen next in this book and you will want to read as long as it interests you. Indeed, for me, its a perfect adventure book.

    Ruhul Quddus Khan

  9. Prasanna Jena

    good book and in good condition…i recommend everyone to use Bookhebook produsts..they are brand new..and in perfect condition…i had a nice time shopping here…really good site..must try!!

    Prasanna Jena

  10. Jeel Chaniyara

    The book is really good and so is the quality.It’s the third installment in the beloved PJ series. Percy and 4 others are on a quest to free Artemis and Annabeth. Meanwhile Luke is busy creating an army to defeat camp-half blood.Will they be on time to find the goddess and Annabeth? Will they be able to stop Kronos’ army from rising? Will they save the camp?

    Jeel Chaniyara

  11. Azeem bari khan

    the book was amazing and was amazingly written too.the continuity is also good. I lke this series when I first read its first part, the story is getting tighter, interesting and closer to the end.

    Azeem bari khan

  12. Praful Das

    This is an excellent book and according to me it is must to be read. Especially people who love to read thrilling books, they will surely like this book. The most important thing is that before purchasing this book first buy the first part of this book- Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, then read the second part- Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters and then buy this book. If you will not read the first and second part, you will not be able to understand the story properly. Overall this…

    Praful Das

  13. A

    The book is good! I enjoyed reading it! I hope others like it as well! It is really very interesting and fun. Please read the whole series. Its very nice.


  14. Ramkrishna Chaudhari

    It has a nice story better than the previous two books but the next 2 books have a better story than this one.The end is nice… Got at a low price at Bookhebook

    Ramkrishna Chaudhari

  15. Nikhil Rokdiya

    after harry potter series i felt magic in this book. when i read it i enjoyed too much but in some manner it increase hate-rate to greek gods but it was awesome. after this book i read all the books written by rick riordan like heroes of olympus series and this.i also felt some harry potter impression in the book but i imagined how can rick riordan and j.k.rolling imagine so best and best things in the mind…anyways must read book.

    Nikhil Rokdiya

  16. Sagar Bhattacharjee

    So much relatable writing…. humor is well set….and a well paced story telling….. just loved it

    Sagar Bhattacharjee

  17. Bookhebook Customer

    I have read the books before this and I loved how rick has blended the myths with modern day New York and I love this book when artemis and her hunters come along them with the suspence of hades’s twin it and keep publishing these kind of books for us 👍👌✌👏❤

    Bookhebook Customer

  18. Kashvi Jaiswal

    As always, it arrived in a great condition. And again it is Rick riordon’s Percy Jackson, brings you a boom that could not be put down. Loved it!!

    Kashvi Jaiswal

  19. tripti singh

    Half boy half god all heroThis is a great book and all fantasy lovers would enjoy it.The cover page is beautiful and would be loved by all bibliophiles.The pages are crisp and the book is in perfect condition.I have ordered all the books of this series from Bookhebook and I have never been disappointed by any of the orders .This is a fast paced read and is really entertaining for children and teens.GO FOR IT!!!

    tripti singh

  20. Neha Verma

    the book was in perfect condition. wrapped in cellophane, and packed within a box, taped securely. the story, well, rick riordan never ceases to amaze me. the humour, the plot, the characters, the flow, everything was A1. the quality of pages was brilliant. 5/5, would recommend y’all. also, there are no age boundaries! whether you’re 10 or 25, this book will always be able to entertain you.

    Neha Verma

  21. Herminoe Granger

    Awesome book for all the book lovers Percy Jackson my sister was very happy when I gave her this book today on her birthday it’s very nice actually she’s a big Harry Potter and a Percy Jackson fan so thank you Bookhebook For this awesome book

    Herminoe Granger

  22. Bookhebook Customer

    Very interesting and gold plated rare book to be found

    Bookhebook Customer

  23. Archana Customer

    Beautiful book! Awesome delivery! My daughter loved it…

    Archana Customer

  24. Bookhebook Customer

    Just fabulous and very happy with the delivery

    Bookhebook Customer

  25. Aashir Ansari

    Great product at great price, percy Jackson book never disappoint you 😌

    Aashir Ansari

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