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Robert Toru Kiyosaki, an American businessman/author, is born in April 1947. He was born on 8 April 1947. He founded Global LLC and Rich Dad Company. He is best known for his bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad. His books have changed the way people view money and investment. Video interviews with him discuss personal finance. His first book was published in 1997. His first work was published in 1997.

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April 2022 marks 25 years since Rich Dad Poor Dad, the classic personal finance book that ranks #1 in Personal Finance. Although 25 years have passed since Rich Dad Poor Dad’s first publication, readers will still find the same basic principles that are used today. Although the world around us is rapidly changing, the lessons of Rich Dad Poor Dad about money have not changed. Robert Kiyosaki’s bestseller is still relevant today. Money continues to be a major part of our lives.

There is a milestone to be honored, and there is a new section of the book about Why Milestones are Important. However, the integrity of the original content has been preserved. This is evidence that the book has stood the test of times. Sidebars in the book have been updated for the 20th-anniversary edition. However, the core principles Robert’s parents and grandparents shared with their grandchildren 25 years ago are still being passed on to new generations. They have discovered that Robert’s timeless wisdom and no-nonsense messages can be applied to any person’s life and future.

All cultures and all countries celebrate milestones. They are used to mark time, celebrate achievements, reflect on lessons learned and measure progress. They allow us to integrate past, present and future…looking back at where we began, where we are now, and looking forward to the possibilities of the future.

Many things have changed in the world over the quarter-century since Rich Dad Poor Dad’s first publication — 25 years ago on April 8, 1997. The one constant has been the need for and power of financial education. Money is still an essential part of our lives. Technology has enabled us to make money faster and more efficient. We can all be smarter about money in an ever-changing world. And learn as much as possible to ensure our future.

The One…

Today Rich Dad Poor Dad is a bestseller in three categories: Personal Finance, Parenting and Investing. It has been translated into 38 languages and sold more than 40,000,000 copies around the globe.

Robert’s story about growing up with his father, and his father, and his father, is Rich Dad Poor Dad. It tells the story of how he was influenced by his father and his father. This book dispels the myth that wealth is only possible by earning a high income. It explains how to make your money work for you and what it means to work for money.

Rich Dad Poor Dad’s messages, which were criticized and challenged 25 years ago, are still relevant and significant today in many ways.

Poor Dad, Rich Dad
* The myth that to be rich, you must have a high income
* Refutes the notion that your house is an investment
* This video explains to parents why they shouldn’t trust the school system to teach money lessons to their children
* Once and for all defines an asset and liability
* Shows you how to teach your children money lessons that will help them be financially successful in the future

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  1. Surya Bhanu Katiyar

    Never read a book more hilarious and serious than this and it can’t be characterized as Black comedy.If you find the above sentence contradictory wait till you read the book…The books tells about the chaos of war in a very unusual way.I have heard people saying they couldn’t finish the book because they couldn’t make out any sense after reading first few pages. Well people this book doesn’t just tell you the story about war it transports you into it and when you are first time in a una…

    Surya Bhanu Katiyar

  2. Shweta

    This book is so well- written, that it feels like I am watching the characters live a their lives.. get annoyed by people..pray for their luck to change etc.It is so hilarious but I am serious way.. I cant put it in words. But anyone who hasn’t read a funny-well-written book in a while..and wants to get his/her mood up, must read it.Loved it.


  3. Ankit

    Seldom do we come across a literary work that has had so profound an effect on the society that its title has become a catch phrase which is often used. Catch-22, which literally means a â??vicious cycleâ?? or a â??no win situationâ??, is a novel which brilliantly captures a sane manâ??s vain attempt to break free from a world gone insane.Itâ??s a satirical war novel that moves, shocks, delights, makes you laugh and makes you feel pretty much every emotion while offering you a new insight t…


  4. Chandrasekhar

    It is an absolute must read.It kept me laughing till the very end. An excellent satire on the bureaucracy in the army and the way humans react to absurd situations…The fact that the phrase “catch-22″as used by us today comes from this book shows the impact it has had on literature….Delivery as usual was bang on time by flipkart….no worries there….


  5. Eham Arora

    Joseph Heller’s best known work deserves special mention because a while a lot of people may think the novel is named after the popular phrase ‘catch-22’, it’s the other way around. And when you come across a book that coined a phrase in common use in less than a few decades after its release, you must read it.The book follows the lives of Yossarian and his colleagues in a fictional air force regiment during the time of war. The real story and plot take quite some time to unfold, but it is …

    Eham Arora

  6. Niladri Chakraborty

    If you are looking for unreal and utterly stupid entertainment then look elsewhere…. If you are looking for a page turner which you can read by plugging on to your ear buds then look elsewhere…..Although this is supposed to be a hilarious one it certainly is much more than that….. with every joke Heller tries to crack there is impending irony behind it and until and unless you get that second meaning you will turn down this book after 50 pages anyway !!!!!!

    Niladri Chakraborty

  7. Tania Shwe

    One of the best and funniest books that I have read. Indispensable for every book shelf!! The book starts off with a burst of hilarity and it keeps you rolling for some 25 chapters. Then the books undulates and touches a few dark spells before shooting back to spotlight . Tickles your funny bone, Makes you think, and makes you cry!!

    Tania Shwe

  8. Vikram Karve

    Catch 22 is probably the best book I have read in my life. It is a fictional account of World War 2. Catch 22 is a satire, which reveals dark truths through the medium of humor. The down-to-the-smallest-detail characterization is superb and it is through his precisely etched characters that the author’s voice speaks. Catch 22 is extremely engrossing and grips your interest from start to finish – in fact, once you start reading the book is unputdownable. And you will read this book again and a…

    Vikram Karve

  9. Siddhartha Kasyap M

    One thing for sure…. This book is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. The very first time I started reading this book, I couldn’t manage to go beyond 60 pages. Every paragraph contains a new character and everything is in disorder. Its nothing but sheer torture to continue. I hated it so much that I fell in love with it! I re-started the book right from the beginning and figured out the recipe to enjoy the book! Don’t try to remember the character names, just enjoy the humour! Every thing…

    Siddhartha Kasyap M

  10. aadi jain

    Must read for those interested in understanding the intricacies of the human behavior. Yossarian, the central and only sane character in this book, is at the center around which all other characters contrast as insane in same way or another – the human nature is deeply explored in this book.The book is one of the best satire ever written on the human nature. The events in this book are mostly a result of greed and ambition of the superiors and how it destroys the lives of many. The book is …

    aadi jain

  11. Sitanshu Shukla

    Yosarian Lives!It feels a bit pompous to review a classic like Catch 22…A superbly humorous and a scathingly indicting tale of one man who knows that everyone is out to kill him…even the people and the country he is fighting for…and he decides the reason for war is not good enough for him to die for!! As the author says in the superb preface, “Yosarian will outlive all of us!”

    Sitanshu Shukla

  12. Rajiv Ojha

    A classic book studded with unique characters who will make you smile in any circumstances. I am reading this book for the fifth time. It is a classic book that elevates your mood, makes you smile after every few pages you read and if you can visualize the characters the fun is beyond compare in fact it is incredible ! Suggest for everyone beyond 18.

    Rajiv Ojha

  13. anshuman katoch

    Normally I would be least bothered about writing reviews, but this monotonous piece of work compelled me to chime in. This book gets so repetitive. I mean I just suffered through 500 pages of the same catch 22 joke??

    anshuman katoch

  14. Vivek Kumar Singh

    Excellent delivery by Bookhebook Product delivered to Varanasi in 3 days. The print is fine and the plot seems exciting.

    Vivek Kumar Singh

  15. Vivek Kumar Singh

    Excellent delivery by flipkart. Product delivered to Varanasi in 3 days. The print is fine and the plot seems exciting.

    Vivek Kumar Singh

  16. Souptik Dhar

    The book I received was slightly damaged, but not so much so that I would take the pains to return it. The back cover had creases on it and it the overall look it displayed was horrible.

    Souptik Dhar

  17. B Sarma

    Upto a certain point, I could not make the head or tail of the book. But kept dredging. Then things started to become clear slowly. And lo! It is one of the most entertaining (despite initial boredom) books I have ever read. Comic and tragic — at the same time.Some of my favourite lines:The spirit gone, man is garbage…. I’d like to see all these things sort of straightened out, with each person getting exactly what he deserves. It might give me some confidence in this universe.In…

    B Sarma

  18. Anjali Kumari

    Do not go for this product.Book is good but the quality of book provided by Bookhebook is very bad. when I ordered this book i got defective one.There were lots of scratches over front and back cover of the book and many pages were folded also .so I requested for replacememt. The book which I got after replacement is worse than previous one.I really got upset by the service delivered by flipkart…..

    Anjali Kumari

  19. Bookhebook Customer

    Bad cover. Distorted font. Low quality duplicate print by Bookhebook .

    Bookhebook Customer

  20. Rohan Biswas

    Delivered on the next. Excited to read after being recommended

    Rohan Biswas

  21. Vishwas Kochar

    It will make you laugh in every page!

    Vishwas Kochar

  22. Bookhebook Customer

    The most satirical book. U have humor from the first page itself..

    Bookhebook Customer

  23. Devarshee Ranjan Bora

    Worth a read

    Devarshee Ranjan Bora

  24. Shaique Khan

    Loved it

    Shaique Khan


    I am a beginner and in my opinion, the book is just fine.


  26. Vijay Patel

    Absurd. But great

    Vijay Patel

  27. Bitupan Konwar


    Bitupan Konwar

  28. Shrinivas Reddy

    Packaging was good, Received on good condition. Overall happy with purchasing for reasonable price.

    Shrinivas Reddy

  29. Jeev

    Awesome! 🍾


  30. Debdutta Banerjee

    Got the book delivered in just 1day..very nice package I have’s worth buying from Bookhebook

    Debdutta Banerjee

  31. Arunkumar Balakrishnan

    The print work is bad. In some pages the print cannot be readThe packing was also badI wish I could return the book (unfortunately I wrote a line (Happy birthday) on the first page.

    Arunkumar Balakrishnan

  32. chandrakanta Raut

    Nice 1

    chandrakanta Raut

  33. Sujit Sing

    Very good product.

    Sujit Sing

  34. Himanshu K

    Amazing book with timely delivery.

    Himanshu K

  35. ravi mahato


    ravi mahato

  36. Charulata Ranbhare

    The book was in good condition but when you look closer it had scratches all over front and back…a little disappointed…

    Charulata Ranbhare

  37. Adrija Chowdhury

    No comments for the story as it is already a classic…. But I have deducted 2 stars because I think the book is secondhand or rejected material.. As it had creases on its cover, the way it get creases if someone reads the book and the glossiness was tampered with. It did not look new…

    Adrija Chowdhury

  38. Abhishek Paul

    book is awesome but delivered in 7days… very bad delivery facility….

    Abhishek Paul

  39. Appu NVS

    One of the great classic…a must in the “Top 100 books to read”

    Appu NVS

  40. Ajay Kumar Bharti

    Book is damaged because of improper packing

    Ajay Kumar Bharti

  41. Ananya Dash

    Thanks Bookhebook for the book……

    Ananya Dash

  42. Bookhebook Customer

    nice delivery with good package

    Bookhebook Customer

  43. Uday Kumar Das

    You’ll feel a dizzy rapture with a new bizarre panorama regarding war

    Uday Kumar Das

  44. Shubhashis Banik

    very good

    Shubhashis Banik

  45. Bookhebook Customer

    Not happy with the condition of the book

    Bookhebook Customer

  46. Bookhebook Customer

    The book is literally one of the best works ever written. Reading this book worth every penny!

    Bookhebook Customer

  47. Munmi Sharma

    Nice one

    Munmi Sharma

  48. Samung Deb Barma

    Gave a 3 Star only because the book delivered was not in a good condition. Nevertheless, I am hoping to enjoy reading this book.

    Samung Deb Barma

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