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Khaled Hosseini was a Kabul native and emigrated to the United States in 80. The Kite Runner was his first novel and was a worldwide bestseller. It was published in 34 countries. He was appointed a US goodwill ambassador to the United Nations Refugee Agency in 2006. He lives in northern California.

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  1. Abhishek Pare

    This book is a masterpiece and helps the readers to understand the psychology of Afghan people. I don’t think this book can be written in any other better way. In fact this book is a mirror to humanity and looks like an autobiography of Khalid

    Abhishek Pare

  2. Sandipan Sen

    Khaled Hosseini’s writing style has the right quality and quantity of adhesive to hold the readers in the course of the novel…The way he describes the characters and weaves the plot is extraordinary.The best part about the writing style is that he doesn’t describe an event directly but forces the readers to deduce it. The comparisons he give and the way he relates one part of the novel with the earlier and later parts is exceptional….A must read and is worth the purchase…..

    Sandipan Sen

  3. Pragya Joshi

    This is a purchase I’ll always treasure. It’s a precious gift from a writer to his readers. This book has stains of every emotion known to human race. There is a loud cry of hungry love that will haunt you throughout. Baba comes alive when he tells Amir that the greatest and only sin is Theft. Alcohol is just about fine. Hasan is an extraordinary and angelic imagination of a brilliant writer. Amir jan. He is both black and white. You can argue & fight with him, relate to him,play with…

    Pragya Joshi

  4. Samir Bodkhe

    Plot:The story revolves around two children in afghanistan,who are half brothers and are unaware of that fact.Their father is a rich man in afghanistan but post soviet invasion moves out to USA.Here the story continues ,however one of the child is left behind by his father to take care of house with the help of a servant.However things turn tragic and an incident in childhood haunts the main lead throughout his life.He tries to redeem himself by doing something unselfish for his half-brother….

    Samir Bodkhe

  5. Abhishek Baranwal

    well.. i usually avoid these type of novels just because of the theme(afghanistan, war, taliban etc.). To begin with i’d say very it’s emotional, touching and heart-melting. this book tells you a lot about afganistan, taliban and america.the way people spend their life in afganistan.the characters are so beautifully presented that gives a connection with them. though a great story but narrated even beautifully.waiting to get a thousand splendid deserves all the stars in the solar sy…

    Abhishek Baranwal


    too good…loved his writing style,the portrayal of humanity in lucid,sincere yet heartfelt manner and the tale is so moving,so touching that i laughed with them,cried for them and often wished i had a friend like Hassan.If you are looking for a novel that you will cherish,remember and adore,whose characters will make a place in your heart and by the end of it,you will be smiling & weeping and the same time-do go on & buy this book.You won’t regret it.


  7. A Chaudhuri

    One superb plot, with graphic details of life in Kabul and struggle in Taliban era as seen by a boy and a man. A tale wonderfully woven, you wouldn’t want to let go of the characters even after finishing the book. Loved the book so much that I gifted it to friends and family members after reading it. Highly recommended, for reading it over and over again.

    A Chaudhuri

  8. Ananya Dutta

    Quite intense and heart-rending. It’s so powerful that it can even make you feel like you are right there in the places described within the book. It’s a must read. In the end, it will leave you with a feeling that will linger in your heart. Hosseini is a gem.

    Ananya Dutta

  9. Shanjit Thokchom

    The kite runner is a phenomenal book, readers may have their own perspective on the book but one can’t deny it is well written especially the first half where a major chunk is devoted solely to character development and well developed they are!! The climax is up for debate some may love it, some may find a little too cliche, but Khaled wrap it well leaving you satisfied in the end. A good read.

    Shanjit Thokchom

  10. Bishakh Dey Chowdhury

    It is a very good book. Contentwise, it’s a must read for everyone. And the product quality was pretty good and the offer that i got during buying is awesome

    Bishakh Dey Chowdhury

  11. Mohana Roy majumder

    I don’t know y other buyers were not happy with the product. I feel the product is completely good in condition.In addition to that, the story is a master piece

    Mohana Roy majumder

  12. Arpita

    The story is about two young boys named Amir and Hassan with Amir being the narrator.It depicts the hatred,betrayal and finally the redemption of Amir to his soulmate.The book ends by giving a positive and an everlasting impression on its readers.Regarding the quality of the book,its a first copy book that is being sent by the seller.


  13. Bookhebook Customer

    A masterpiece by khaled hosseini…..he is indeed a master storyteller….each and every situation and emotions are very well explained. A fascinating and extra-ordinery story of relations and emotional bonds.

    Bookhebook Customer


    This is not the review of the story. You can obviously trust its an awesome book everyone should read. I was worried about getting a duplicate book. I went to local bookstore but there was no discount. Finally decided to buy online from seller TruecomRetail seeing the good reviews of the seller. Book came wrapped in a plastic with Bookhebook bookmark. Quality of the book is same as what I saw in the offline store. If you looking for a genuine copy of the book, go with the seller TruecomRetail.


  15. Yash Jain

    I loved the book . the packaging too was good. but basically I would thank Khalee Hosseini for having written such a wonderful book

    Yash Jain

  16. Samyak Jain

    Worth the money you spend. Got it for Rs. 130 and the print quality is good and this book is available at a very less price than the usual market price. Must go for it.

    Samyak Jain

  17. Rita Shah

    Super fast Delivery .The book reched almost the next day i ordered. Also the condition is excellent. I also got a bookmark free. Too cool. Thank you Flipkart..

    Rita Shah

  18. Bookhebook Customer

    fabulous book… beautiful days of Afghanistan become tragic as Taliban took charge… but writing of Khaled Hosseini is beautiful 😀 I wish the book didn’t end… looking forward to his another book “thousands of splendid sun’s”

    Bookhebook Customer

  19. junaid shah

    The book is irresistibly awesome u can’t hold your tears after reading this book khalid is exquisitely creative author and talk about quality well the quality is pretty good i found reviews of 2017 that had bad quality but now Bookhebook is improving in it’s quality so really it was good deal from Bookhebook

    junaid shah

  20. Bookhebook Customer

    The packing was very well done.. the book was in a good condition!! Pages and printing aren’t that great but for this price its good enough… Best buy at this price I’d say😊😊

    Bookhebook Customer

  21. Bookhebook Customer

    coy is not that good moreover the print is small dosent look like a authentic copy still i m lovin it.

    Bookhebook Customer

  22. Debasmita Roy

    I bought this along with A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS.I am really impressed by this author and would suggest this book to all. It will surely have an impact on your mind. This book came in a good sealed packaging and the font size is really good, however I am not satisfied with the quality of pages. It is really thin. But the binding is good though.

    Debasmita Roy

  23. Deepak Sharma

    Book is in good condition. Satisfied with the service. Special mention for the delivery guy who was very cooperative and nice man. Overall every thing was smmoth and satisfactory.

    Deepak Sharma

  24. Bookhebook Customer

    Punctual delivery by Bookhebook as for the book, I strongly recommend you this book. A masterpiece by Khalid Hoesseni – A writer who will make you feel the pain, the love, the hate, the guilt. Excellent book

    Bookhebook Customer

  25. Shubh

    Great written by the author the story make you thrill as well emotional, I got it in 99 bucks. A Must readed story of all time. book as per material good pages or paking and delivery all are good.


  26. Bookhebook Customer

    perfect book….perfect price… perfect packing… perfect delivery with a very beautiful book mark💕💕💕💕thanks to Bookhebook for such a nice bookmark….

    Bookhebook Customer

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