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Vietnam and the Colonial Condition of French Literature

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“Vietnam & the Colonial Condition in French Literature” offers a unique perspective on the role and influence of Vietnamese culture and language in metropolitan French literary production. “–L’Esprit Createur”Barnes poses a critical question at this juncture of francophone literary research. A question whose implications far exceed the boundaries of French literature. Winston is the author of Postcolonial Duras. Cultural Memory in Postwar France.
Vietnam and the Colonial Condition of French Literature examines a side of modern French literature that has been neglected in literary histories. It explores the relationship between French colonies, their cultures, languages and people, as well as formal shifts in French literary output. Leslie Barnes begins a new discourse about the French literary canon. She examines the works of three French writers who have personal connections to Vietnam, Marguerite Duras and Andre Malraux. Barnes examines the linguistic, metaphysical and textual experiences of colonialism in depth and identifies a new way to read French literature. This is not an inward-looking monolingual tradition but rather a tradition that interdependently involves people, cultures and experiences. Barnes is the only book to examine Vietnam’s place in francophone literary scholarship. He challenges the traditional notions of French cultural identity.

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