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The Voice of Clinical Reason The world's most trusted internal medicine resource—fully updated with timely new chapters on the most important issues facing medical professionals Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine is the world's most trusted clinical medicine text—and a superb resource for learning the art and science of clinical reasoning. Written and edited by the world’s top experts in their respective fields, this landmark guide provides the comprehensive, accurate, and essential coverage of the pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. Generations of medical professionals have trusted Harrison’s for the latest in disease mechanisms, clinical trial results and recommended guidelines, radiographic images, therapeutic approaches and specific treatments, practical clinical decision trees and algorithms, and much more. Salient Features Salient Features 1. Voice of authority: Harrison’s is a bottom-line resource for clinicians pondering the validity of recommendations in other medical resources. 2. Integrity: Customers around the world rely on Harrison's and know they can trust the integrity of the content. 3. World-renowned experts: Harrison's is written and edited by physicians and scientists who know their fields as well as anyone on earth. 4. Heavily illustrated: Over the past few editions, hundreds of quality diagrams and schematics and radiographs have been added, bolstering Harrison’s reputation as one of the best-illustrated medical texts available. 5. Updated Content: This edition features up-to-date coverage on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, including pandemic, sepsis, dementia, multiple sclerosis, and lung cancer; new approved therapeutics; new practice-changing guidelines and evidence summaries; and more. 6. New Chapters: Approaches to Diagnostic Accuracy; Vaccine Hesitancy and Opposition; Precision Medicine; Regulation and Dysregulation of the Immune System, Interventional Nephrology, and many more.

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